Why Work With Beth

Beth is an inspirational, thoughtful, and creative individual who thrives in deep discussions. She enjoys working with students and adults to help them Learn, Link and Live through the practical application of psychological and neuroscience insights.


Evidence-Based Insights

Utilising her research skills, Beth designs her work around the practical application of evidence based research in psychology and neuroscience.


Coming Soon:  Get What You Want

Beth is currently finishing a book on the psychology and neuroscience of wanting and how to apply this knowledge to get what you want.

Evidence-Based Articles

She has written numerous articles applying psychological insight to our daily lives on Medium. She communicates her work through the 3L system of Learn, Link and Live.  


adult Learners – Corporate Sessions

Beth has worked in corporate settings, helping to enhance interpersonal and thinking skills providing more positive and helpful interactions with others for better collaboration.

Students of all Ages

Beth has worked in Universities in London and Dublin helping students to embrace their minds and enhance their interpersonal relationships through application of psychological skills. Click   here to see her training programs.