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I’ll never forget the joy of ripping open the “big” acceptance envelop, addressed to me, from the University of New Hampshire. It was 1991 and I had just put myself out there for the first time authentically.  I knew I didn’t have the grades to get into their business school, so instead I wrote an essay about an orange. 

That essay, was the first time I really sat down and composed a piece of writing that really mattered to me. I can’t quite remember the full story arc now, but the orange was me and I wrote about the thick skin I had and how we all are sweet on the inside… something to that effect. That joy of my acceptance to University was more than just a confirmation of the next four years of my life, it was my authentic self writing.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) it took another 20 years before my authentic self would full emerge.

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I use psychology and neuroscience research findings to help us all, be better human beings.

When my therapist explained that creating meaning was up to me, it was a lightbulb moment because I had “adopted” my ritual meanings from others.
The study was designed to map real-world emotional experiences with the brain’s individual processes towards negative, positive and neutral events and their impact on wellbeing.
If you can prepare your thinking for new situations, you may find more than you expected using the culture shock cycle.

There is nothing more needed right now than, insights and strategies to become more authentic, engaged human beings. These human dynamic skills are needed more than ever. I train, speak and facilitate sessions and workshops on the three aspects of human dynamics: Psychological, Relational, and Physical or better known as Human Skills for engaged connection and communication.

I really enjoyed the session – it’s always interesting to discover a little more about yourself and Beth’s positivity, enthusiasm and passion about her topic helped a lot.
I enjoyed doing the survey and reading more about the different traits people have and how they can contribute to a team or group indifferent ways and finding out more about myself in that sense.
Beth really helped with reframing strengths in my mind that I hadn’t always considered as strengths. I also loved learning about cognitive biases and downloaded the diagram Beth showed us to have a further look into it.


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