Empowering people to enable, embrace and enjoy change...

Empowering people to enable, embrace and enjoy change...

Writer, Trainer & Psychological Coach


Unlike a life coach, I work on the psychological blocks that can hold you back from achieving your goals and wants. Through evidence-based therapeutic coaching practices, you’ll gain the skills to build resilience, enable change...
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Using evidence-based research, a psychological coaching approach and effective exercises, I can create a bespoke training program for your organisation or team. If you’re interested in building resilience to enhance workplace wellbeing, please visit my...
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Everyone takes a wrong turn once in their life. Usually, it’s due to an unexpected life change. A death in the family, a job loss, weight gain, an age milestone or simply moving house. But...
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“Many thanks for the past few weeks and for giving me some inner strength.” 

– Self Employed Small Business Owner, Singapore

“Thanks for giving me the tools to deal with my fear and go after what I want.”

– Entrepreneur, London, UK

Hi Beth, I just want to say thank you for all the exercises and for teaching me how to make this life transition to a new country. As a Mum you have given me skills for life and a new awareness for both the difficulties and opportunities I have and will face. I will definitely keep in touch.

– Mum of two, Singapore
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Develop Psychological Flexibility

Our minds are amazing. We have developed coping strategies to deal with unwanted thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations. These coping strategies help us get through life, however, they can become rigid and fixed, creating psychological blocks. And we all know the results: negative self talk, anxiety, stress, depression, stagnation, and fear. Enhancing your psychological flexibility is having the ability to confront psychological blocks by connecting with the present moment and then CHOOSING your behaviours based on the situation and your personal values. Let me help develop your psychological flexibility by giving you the tools to overcome everyday psychological blocks.
What are your Core Values?
Our brains value everything to make decisions. Simply put we identify, compare, think and rank. This valuing activity is constantly at work. When you want...
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Beth E. Lee, MBA, MSc

Originally from Boston, I now live in London with two children and two crazy ginger cats. My top character strengths are curiosity, honesty, zest, and leadership.

For nearly 20 years, I worked as a researcher, writer and marketer in the digital advertising, digital finance, and non-profit sectors across five countries: the USA, Australia, Ireland, Singapore and the UK. My clients were from top fortune 500 companies including HP, Amdocs, 3Com and Xerox, small and large digital advertising and publishing agencies, and both global and local non-profit organizations including WWF and AIDS Action.

In 2007, I had everything I wanted: I was a corporate executive, traveling around the world, working with amazing people and living an expat life in Australia with a husband I loved – but I wanted more… I wanted a baby.

In 2009 that baby arrived but, unfortunately, I wasn’t mentally prepared. I tried to “have it all”, “be successful” and fight for what I wanted. Within a week of having my son, I found myself suffering from post-natal depression. It took a year of therapy to bring me out of the depths of depression. A year that saved my life.

In 2011 we left Australia to continue our expat life, living in four more countries, before settling down in the UK where I began my journey to understand depression and how we ALL flourish and thrive in life.

Today, 2019, 10 years after my depression began, I have gained an MSc in Psychology & Neuroscience in Mental Health, from King’s College London, a Certificate of Coaching from the Centre of Coaching, a British Psychological Society Learning Centre approved certificate course focusing on psychological and solution-focused techniques and a Positive Psychology Certificate taught by the founder of positive psychology, Martin Seligman.

I am currently coaching and training individuals and teams, using therapeutic techniques (learn about my approach here) with the most current psychological and neuroscientific research to produce positive results.

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