Inside, I make sure that my content is purposeful for the reader. I’m a veteran self-help book reader and can’t stand when an author constantly starts their sentences with “I”. We all have different minds, thinking differently, and approach situations and issues in different ways. What may have worked for me or for any author, will not necessarily work for you. I have made a point of making sure that all my writing takes this simple fact into consideration. What’s most important is to provide education, the skills themselves and then offer some scientific evidence or show you how myself or my clients implemented those skills. Then it’s up to you, to create your own application, Of course my books offer frameworks to help you apply the skills, but really it’s about what works for you.

With this book cover in hand and a very busy daily schedule complete with seminars, coffee, and networking time, I think I’m ready for the London Book Fair. With curiosity at the forefront, my introverted author self can sit on the couch while I bring out my zesty extrovert self to meet new people and learn as much as I can. I only need to get talking about some of the kids I teach and their ability to absorb psychological skills, to bring out that extrovert in me.

If you’re going to the London Book Fair – please reach out at beth @ – I would love to meet up.


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