I sat down on my little kitchen couch with my morning coffee and got ready to write this post. As I snuggled under the blanket, I looked out the window and saw the faintest rainbow. Ireland is full of rainbows, but they are never seen by everyone.
Right now, I’d like to stop feeling overwhelmed. I wanted to try to look at my feelings and situation from a new perspective and shift my attitude and mood from being so down. It’s time to take my own advice.
I have an obsession with creating photo books. It started when my son was born. The whole stress of it all got me thinking about why I do this and if I'm the only one.
It's easy to be hard on yourself. I have had many discussions with my inner critic, her name is Bossy Beth, where I've had to listen to her tell me, "You can't do this", "who do you think you are?", "you're not meant to be in the spotlight". It pains me to listen to her...
Well, here we are! It's a new year, and many people, myself included, will be looking to make a fresh start. I made a pact with myself in October of 2023 that I would focus solely on writing in 2024. I joined writing groups and self publishing groups on Facebook and started to sort out what was most important and what I needed to do first to get my "author" career off the ground.