Well, here we are! It’s a new year, and many people, myself included, will be looking to make a fresh start. I made a pact with myself in October of 2023 that I would focus solely on writing in 2024. I joined writing groups and self publishing groups on Facebook and started to sort out what was most important and what I needed to do first to get my “author” career off the ground.

Step one, write a book. In October I did just that. I finished my book, The Want Mindset, which took nearly 10 years to write. It has morphed from a self-help book to a memoir and back to a self-help book. I feel now, although not perfect, it definitely delivers what I intended which is to inspire ah-ha moments, shift perspectives, and help people create their own thinking process to get what they want.

Right, book done… now what? For the remainder of 2023 I opened myself up to feeling vulnerable and “old” as I tried to learn how to self-publish. I was a marketing executive for close to 20 years, I could do this, right? I didn’t think so. My corporate career ended nearly 15 years ago and after the year of therapy and career shift, I was no longer confident I could quickly grasp all the new lingo, the technology, or be a part of this new world. Hello inner conflicts! I knew straight away that it was up to me, and nobody else, to make this shift becoming a full time author. I had to persevere. I wanted it. There is nothing better than going through my own process of coaching myself, to Think with CARE™ to get through the difficult learning. Now, I am now savvy enough.

So, here we are. The start of a new year. I will not make any New Year resolutions; I don’t believe in them anymore. Instead, I have created a plan, outlined what I want, set some smart goals, and made a pact to myself that no matter what I will be honest, open and positive even when I’m struggling. I’m taking responsibility and focusing on what I love, which is writing and researching, and hopefully, building a community of people along the way.

I would love to hear from you if you’ve started a new project in the new year, shifted your direction, or are taking a risk.

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