Name:  Beth E. Lee

Core Values/Strengths:  Curiosity, Honesty, Zest, Influencing, Humor, Love of Learning and Understanding (not in any order).

Academic Achievements:
(MSc) Master of Science, Psychology & Neuroscience in Mental Health from the IOPPN, Kings College London (graduating in July 2019)
(IAFPD Cert in Coaching) The British Psychological Society (BPS) Approved and International Society for Coaching Psychology (ISCP) recognised course focused on the GROW model and Cognitive Behavioural Approach to Coaching. Centre for Coaching, International Academy for Professional Development Ltd. (March 2019)
(Positive Psychology Cert) Time to Flourish Certificate – a 10 week “coach yourself” course from the Institude of Psychology Psychiatry and Neuroscience (IOPPN) at King’s College London (February 2019)
(Positive Psychology Cert) Positive Psychology Certificate from the University of Pennsylvania and the founder of Positive Psychology Martin Seligman (January 2019)
(MBA) Masters in Business Administration, in Marketing from Suffolk University
(BA) Bachelor of Arts, in English from the University of New Hampshire (UNH)

Personal History: Born and bred in Boston, MA., I married an Aussie and called Sydney home for nearly 6 years before my life came to a screeching halt when my son was born.  Post-natal depression held me hostage, releasing me after a year of CBT and ACT therapy.  A move to Ireland and then to Singapore added to my cultural learning and love of travel.  What I thought would be a final move back to the States turned out to be a confrontation with reverse culture shock.  It was no longer my home.  Our final move to the UK took place in 2014 where I learned more about myself and what I want out of life.  I am a living example that travel, therapy, self-discovery, and curiosity can change you for the better.

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