It’s half-term break in our house, and I am feeling accomplished and rubbish at the same time. With my son on a school trip and my daughter doing her thing, I was able to finish the ebook Foundational Psych Skills to a rough standard. I’ll massage it over the weekend and hand it to my editor next week. It’s a short book but a good starting point to help people get stuck into applying psych skills to life. And it will be available FREE to you in a couple of weeks. That’s the accomplished news.

The rubbish news is that I have felt flat for the past two days. I can’t think of the last time I actually had the “flu”. Interestingly, my head is relatively clear, but my body wants none of it. So when I woke up this morning, I was prepared to spend the day writing and watching TV.

I sat down on my little kitchen couch with my morning coffee and got ready to write this post. As I snuggled under the blanket, I looked out the window and saw the faintest rainbow. Ireland is full of rainbows, but they are never seen by everyone. I remember once driving down the M6 in the middle of the country, through Westmeath, and seeing a rainbow in the distance. All of us motorway drivers could see it, but could the owner of the house under the rainbow see it?  Probably not. You have to be in a position to see a rainbow. You have to be in the right place at the right time when rain is around, but the sun is shining. And if you’re lucky, you’ll see an entire rainbow arc, its complete structure, in its full form. I am always in awe and smile when I see a rainbow because all the parts come together to create something beautiful. 

I could write an entire post about the symbolism of rainbows. After a storm, they are seen as a sign of hope, beauty and, of course, good fortune. For some, their arc represents a bridge when a pet has passed away. Rainbows are also used in communities to symbolise the complexity, beauty and importance of diversity and inclusion. Being able to see all the colours of the rainbow as colours in others and within ourselves. Aren’t we all rainbows? Aren’t we all full of rain, sun, clouds, and sky, pulling ourselves together, prepping, organising and doing until finally a spotlight shines and we’re seen? I’d like to think so. I’d also like to believe that there are some people around us who are in awe and feel lucky to see us all the time.

My faint rainbow this morning was struggling with either the lack of sunlight or the lack of water droplets, making it barely visible, but the water droplets in the air were there, ready to act as a prism. I could barely make out its form but I could see something. I could see the grey clouds, a bit of blue sky, the faint rainbow colours dimly organised in its arc. I could see its potential. I felt lucky in awe to see it at all. And then it dawned on me (sorry about the pun). This is me today. I’m struggling with my form, yet here I am, with my colours and potential being beautiful for someone, anyone, open to see.

This is my morning Rainbow, can you see it?

Header featured Photo by Peter Steiner 🇨🇭 1973 on Unsplash


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