It’s easy to be hard on yourself. I have had many discussions with my inner critic, her name is Bossy Beth, where I’ve had to listen to her tell me, “You can’t do this”, “who do you think you are?”, “you’re not meant to be in the spotlight”. It pains me to listen to her, but she’s there, and for me, I have to give her the space to rant, to get it out, so I can push her words (my thoughts) away because they are not real.

There are many techniques to manage or quiet your inner critic. I choose my method based on my mood, which so far, has worked wonders. If I’m pissed off with Ms Bossy Boots, I usually listen to Madonna – her songs Spotlight and Jump tend to do the trick. Sometimes, I’ll stand at my desk and free-write, allowing Ms Bossy Boots to get the words down on paper. And other times, I’ll dive into something that requires great focus, so she just shuts up. This week – I used all three methods.

With great focus comes great outcomes. They don’t have to be right, but they have to be out. I organised all my files on my laptop. I planned my writing and publishing timeline. I sorted out my website and started to get all my ducks in a row to publish. This week was all about checking things off my multiple lists. The beauty of checking things off lists is that you have a visual of your achievements. That puts Ms Bossy Boots back in her place.

I’ll share my schedule and achievements at the end of the year, but until then, I will focus on one week at a time. I have A LOT I want to accomplish. I have A LOT I want to do. I would love it if you came on this journey with me so we can put our Ms Bossy Boots where she belongs.

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