Current Training Programs

If you’re looking to enhance collaboration, develop deeper connections, build confidence and/or harness individual differences, check out my current Training Programs below. 
I have delivered these programs to universities, organisations and companies to help improve communication and mental health wellbeing.

Using Character Strengths for Collaboration

Using the evidence-based VIA Character Strength Survey, this program introduces people to a new positive language to foster collaboration and deeper connection with others and within themselves.  This program is a fun interactive program that I’ve used with both students and industry  leaders.

Human Dynamics for Enhanced Connection

Human Dynamics refers to the relationship between the way we think (psychological aspect), relational interactions (communication and language), and physical messaging. This program uses evidence-based insights to help educate and enhance human dynamics for better collaboration and connection.

Psychological Skills for Personal Performance

Traditionally the term psychological skills has referred to mental training for athletes, but we’re all athletes in life, achieving our goals. This program provides people with the skills to understand and enhance motivation, learn how to challenge negative thoughts, build confidence, foster decision making, and strive for goal attainment through the Learn, Link and Live process.  

Positive Psychology Interventions for the Workplace

This program outlines the many different interventions (i.e. strategies) organisations can use to foster more positive exchanges. This program can focus on implementing just one strategy or help to create a Positive communication strategy as a whole.  Information given in this session is based around the research I conducted in 2019 for my Masters, Positive Psychology Interventions for the Workplace.

C.A.R.E. Full thinking

This program goes through the C.A.R.E. method of mindful thinking. By first Calming down.  Then Ask/Acquire/Aware of yourself, situations and surroundings, Learning to Respond versus react.  Finally, Evaluating the situation.  In this mindful moment process you’ll learn how to pause in the moment,  become open and  make better decisions to respond with authenticity and intentionality.

Utilising Your Inner Voice for Enhanced Wellbeing

This program outlines how we can harness the different types of inner speech (Intentional Inner Speech & Verbal Mind Wandering) in our daily lives.  The session(s) dive into how to become aware of your inner coach, switch up or challenge your inner critic and utilise different types of self-talk for more effective decision making and enhanced mental health.

Thinking Skills for PARENTS

For organisations and associations that work with parents, this session outlines some basic brain education (neuroscience) with evidence-based therapeutic insights to help parents thrive in the moment as parents

Finding Home – Thinking Skills for EXPATS

For those who has lived or travelled abroad, dealing with culture shock and then potentially reverse culture shock can have a huge impact on our own self identity.  This program works through the psychology and neuroscience of change, narrative identity, meaning and personal story, and then dives into the thinking skills to help individuals understand their true home.

Cultural Inclusion Thinking Skills

Our workplaces and social environments are more diverse than ever.  This is a huge benefit to use personally and as organisations if we can tap into the different mindsets, ideas, traditions and thinking styles.  This program does not go through different cultural styles, it dives into how we can harness individual differences and work with each other to achieve common goals.