Learn and apply the psychological skills that help you get what you want.

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We all know the feeling of inner conflict: that feeling of shame when you didn’t act appropriately, that feeling of guilt when you “have to,” “should,” or “must,” or that feeling of opposition when given an unhelpful choice. Inner conflicts are a unique human experience that fills us with negative feelings that can sometimes have significant consequences.

In this book, A Guide to Inner Conflicts, you’ll learn:

  • How your inner conflicts are directly aligned with what you want,
  • What’s influencing the feelings of inner conflict, 
  • Psychological skills you can use now and how to reach the ultimate goal. 

Inner conflicts are part of the human experience, so why not learn how to use them to help enhance your mental health and make changes to get what you want.

The 1st Book in the Get What You Want Series

Grounded in psychology and neuroscience, Success Starts with How You Think, will help you:

  • Understand your default thinking.
  • Identify the inner conflicts holding you back from success.
  • Define the pieces of successful thinking.
  • Set up your motivation.
  • Prepare for action.

Build a foundation of successful thinking by learning the psychological skills to help you manage those inner conflicts that undermine your ability to focus and think clearly. 

The 2nd Book in the Get What You Want Series

1. Insight into how wanting works in the brain and how you can influence it in daily life.

2. A framework to think with CARE™ to coach yourself whenever inner conflicts arise.

3. A process to manage your thinking in the heat of a wanting moment to help you feel one of the four immediate rewards.

 The Want Mindset gives you a unique and positive way to think about how to get what you want in life.