The Want Mindset

What do you want? A new career, to travel, a new car? When you want, your mind starts fizzing with ideas. The feeling of excitement grows as you entertain the possibilities and then… you start thinking. “What should I do now?” “Will it be worthwhile?” “I don’t have… the credentials, money, time.” Fear and doubt creep in. Say hello to your inner conflicts. The mental tug-of-war between what you want and the psychological blocks getting in the way.

Through the Think with CARE™ method, you’ll gain the psychological skills to coach yourself and:

· Use what’s most important to guide your actions

· Manage worry, fear and uncertainty as you progress towards your goals

· Alleviate self-doubt

· Learn how to respond and not react

· Build confidence to make choices that help you get what you want

· Embrace your emotional mind

· Drive your thinking forward to get what you want

The Want Mindset is a must-read if you want to take charge of the mental tug-of-war, overcome your inner conflicts, and get what you want in life.