What are your Core Values?

Our brains value everything to make decisions. Simply put we identify, compare, think and rank. This valuing activity is constantly at work. When you want a drink, you identify, compare (with past experience), think (about your situation in the present moment) and rank which drink to have. Many times this valuing or decision-making process is subconscious. But what if you made that valuing process front of mind?

And what if that valuing process wasn’t only using past information but also included your strengths or current goal-driven information? What if your decision-making process was different? How would you respond?

How do you choose to live your life?

Bring in your core values. Your core values are the way you want to act in the world. They are the backbone to how you choose to live your life. If you could live your life the way YOU wanted to, HOW would you do it? Which words would you choose to describe it? Make a list.

For example: “I choose to live my life with… family first, honesty, including creativity, to learn something new every day, kindness, humor, intention…

Those descriptors are your values. They are the reasons you choose to do what you do. And they should be present in nearly every conscious decision you make.

When you use your core values in this way, you work towards becoming an authentic you. By focusing on your core values and including your character strengths in your decision-making process, you will gain a greater sense of wellbeing, living your best self.

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