The way you talk to yourself directly affects the way you behave.

Perhaps you have a goal to be more kind, to make more money, to achieve a physical goal. Your inner voice can be used as a personal mind mentor if it is equipped with the right tools.

You can learn all those tools here at Mind Mentor Mindset.. by learning how to talk to yourself CAREfully…

C = Calm down – make sure your mind is in a calm state to engage in thoughtful discussion.

A = Aware, Acquire knowledge And Ask (What’s happening in this moment?)

R = Respond thoughtfully (Using your values, strengths, and empathy)

E = Evaluate, how did that go? (What could I do differently next time?)

Once you’ve taken CARE, you can then add additional tools to make it FULLY effective.

f = Find your Inner Friend (Techniques to befriend your inner voice.)

u = Understand those ANTs (Techniques to handle those Automatic Negative Thoughts)

l = Learn to be curious, all the time (Techniques to ask the right questions of your inner voice.)

l = Leverage change for your benefit (Techniques using the Change Cycle.)

y = You can do it! Develop self-efficacy in your thinking. (Techniques to build confidence and abilities to use your inner voice as a guiding Mind Mentor).


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